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Hello, Neighbors!

Work on the fall 2021 edition of The Optimist newsletter is underway, and you’re invited to submit articles and advertisements. Here are the deadlines.

August 20: final day to let me know you’d like to submit an article

August 27: deadline for articles and advertisements

October 1–8: newsletter distribution to IHLNA residents

Articles should be 500 words maximum and include your name and contact information. Email articles to kcsmith614(at) Please send related photos/images as separate JPEG or TIFF files—not imbedded in the article, and include captions and credits. For details about advertising, contact Charity Myers at thecreativepool(at)

A final note: You can play a small but important role by helping to deliver newsletters. It’s a great way to get exercise and become acquainted with neighbors! For more information, contact Sandy Neidert at sandylincoln(at)

Thanks for your interest in and help with the IHLNA newsletter!

KC Smith, (850) 766-9904; kcsmith614(at)

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