Voluntary membership in IHLNA is open to neighborhood residents. Dues support neighborhood activities and advocacy. Membership donation is $10, or $5 for 20-year residents. Please consider an extra donation of $10, $20, $50, or $100 to support IHLNA activities. We are planning to install neighborhood entrance signs in early 2014.

Mailing list and FaceBook group signup

The IHLNA has two means of online communications among members.

First is a low-volume email list, moderated by IHLNA president Grant Gelhardt. Grant passes on email that is of interest to the neighborhood in general. The volume ranges from a couple of messages a week up to occasionally three or four in a day.

Second is a FaceBook group. While many people dislike FaceBook, it's the de facto meeting place. Unmoderated, wide-ranging discussions take place in the Indianhead/Lehigh group. The group is "secret" to avoid attempts by unrelated commercial interests to join, and so that we can discuss topics we might not want to share with the world at large.

You can get on the email list by emailing Grant, and you can get on the FaceBook group by "friending" someone who is already a member and asking them to add you. Or just use this form.

Fun Stuff

FDOT aerial photographs of Indianhead in 1957!

Neighborhood history and street names courtesy of Hartsfield School.

The neighborhood Potluck in the Park is the second Sunday of every month at Optimist Park. Some utensils are usually available, but it's better if you bring your own.

Declining attendance at the potluck led to discussions in early 2011 on how to invigorate it. Read some of the comments here. Attendance has been good since August 2011 -- keep coming!

Event photos

Halloween Party 2011

Ansje's Neneland Halloween

Pony rides at the November Potluck in the Park


Board meetings are convened as needed, not on a regular schedule.

All Indianhead Acres and Lehigh residents are invited to all IHLNA board meetings. Meetings are announced by email (not on Facebook). To get on the email list, see above about mailing list signup. Due to the irregular schedule, meetings are not listed here.

past meeting minutes

Spring 2014 Newsletter

Fall 2013 Newsletter

Spring 2013 Newsletter

Fall 2012 Newsletter

Spring 2012 Newsletter

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Spring 2011 Newsletter

Fall 2010 Newsletter

Neighborhood Safety Info

Nene Fest 2013 web page (historical)

Nene Fest 2010 is over!

See the Nene Fest Children's Chorus on Youtube!

Visit the Nene Fest participatory photo gallery and submit your Nene Fest photos!

Nene Fest participant

Nene Fest 2009, our first neighborhood festival, was a great success! Check out:

Photos by various participants

Collaborative webshots album

Matt's photos

The Tallahassee Democrat ran an article about Nene Fest, but they've moved it to for-pay archives.

Halloween 2009 participant

Halloween 2009 Neighborhood Party!

Indianhead/Lehigh Mobility Plan

Neighborhood Planning Survey Results

Nene Fest 2014

Nene Fest 2014 T-shirt designNene Fest 2014 will be held May 3.

Nene Fest activities include food, music, festival T-shirts (design on the right), children's activities, and a 5K race and fun run. Details below.

Other upcoming neighborhood events

May 11 (Sun): Potluck in the Park 6:00 (summer time).

June 8 (Sun): Potluck in the Park 6:00 (summer time).

July 13 (Sun): Potluck in the Park 6:00 (summer time).

Nene Fest 2014

Nene Fest 2014 poster

Nene Fest 2014 will held on Saturday, May 3, 2013 at Optimist Park. Brief schedule:

Early morning5K footrace and fun run
3:00 - 9:00Music and activities
5:00 - goneNene Café
3:00 - 8:00Merchandise

We hope you can attend! We have an exciting festival planned, including music, food, art, crafts, kids' activities, and giant puppets. We'll be selling T-shirts, posters, and water bottles with Nene Fest designs.

Food at 5:00

We'll be selling dinner and desserts. Serving starts at 5:00 and ends at 7:00 or when food runs out. Based on past experience food probably will run out, so don't wait until the last minute! Herbal tea will be available throughout the Fest.

Dinner consists of lasagna (choice of turkey, vegetarian, or vegan) with salad and bread, at $5/plate. Our neighbor Shaw Stiller and a few of his friends will make the lasagna and other neighbors will contribute the bread and salad. Desserts, contributed by many of the great neighborhood cooks, are individually priced.

Any money made on food sales will be used to offset the cost of putting on Nene Fest and other neighborhood events.

Disposable/compostable plates, flatware, and cups will be available, but we still encourage you to bring your own non-disposables. Or buy your own Nene Fest 2014 water bottle!


This year, Nene Fest is reducing its waste by not only recycling but also composting! We will have compost stations at the park where you can dispose of your food scraps as well as your plates (they will be compostable!).

Musical Lineup

3:00 Crooked Corn
3:50 Guitars in the Park Neighborhood folks who often play in the park.
4:40 Red Truck Riot
5:30 Mark Russell The Funky Violinist, everything from Purple Rain to Bach
6:20 Giant Puppet Show Original script, narration and music provided by the incomparable Nene Puppet Show Band, nine neighborhood musicians who come together only once a year.
7:20 Deborah Lawson Group Jazz and blues-based world music.
8:15 Cows Don't Care Lonesome ruminants playing music to graze by

T-shirts and posters and buttons and bottles! (3:00 to 8:00)

Nene Fest 2013 T-shirt design The popular Nene Fest t-shirts will return! Our neighborhood artist Charity Myers has created a new design (right) for 2014. We will also sell 2014 posters and a limited supply of T-shirts and posters from previous years. T-shirts and posters will be on sale 3:00 to 8:00, but shop early for your choice of size and style. Proceeds from sales support Nene Fest.

Adult 2014 T-shirts $15
Child 2014 T-shirts $10
All vintage T-shirts $5
Posters 2014 $5
Posters vintage ltd
Buttons $1
Stickers $2
Water bottles $10

5K Footrace and 1-Mile Fun Run

First thing in the morning is the Nene Fest 5K Race and 1 mile Fun Run. Registration gets you a tote bag with race logo (while supplies last) and optional reflective safety vest with race logo. Proceeds will support activities at Hartsfield Elementary School. If you don't want to race, you can still register to get a vest, or just donate to the cause. Same-day registration starts at 6:45 AM, the race starts at 8:00, and the fun run starts at 9:00. Fees and other details are on the registration page.


In addition to seeing your neighbors, listening to live music, eating delicious homemade food, learning more about your neighbor’s businesses, and enjoying the park, you will be able to make tie-dye t-shirts (think about tie-dying your Nene Fest tee!) and kids can help create a music video. There will also be face painting and bubble making.