All about Indianhead Acres and Lehigh Acres in Tallahassee

Nene Watch

Safety Tips for these short winter days:

See and be seen.

We have had very few power outages in Indianhead-Lehigh this summer, so maybe we have not checked our flashlights and lanterns lately. The change of season is a great time to restock battery supplies, check the functioning of flashlights and test whether porch and motion detection lights are operating normally.

When walking, running, or biking, be visible. When we wear whites, bright colors, and/or reflective gear we are more likely to be seen. When driving, use of day running lights or headlights—yes—even in daylight, reduces accidents.

Hear and be heard.

Many of us love zoning out to music or talking on the phone when we walk or run, but it is also important to remain aware of our surroundings. Being extra mindful while wearing headphones or talking on the phone is a good precaution.

While walking or running, we might want to consider carrying a whistle. And bicyclists, who doesn’t love using a handlebar bell or horn when riding a bike?

When indoors, we can signal someone for help by keeping our car keys handy and using the alert feature on the key fob, if ever needed.

Be defensive.

When it comes to crime prevention and overall safety, being defensive means being alert and aware of what others around us are doing. It also means developing good habits like locking windows, doors, gates, garages, and cars. Do not leave valuable items in places that are visible from the street, especially items with wheels like bikes and mowers.

For information or to get involved in Nene Watch, contact the Nene Watch Coordinator, Sylvia Smith:  email hidden; JavaScript is required